Parents and carers considering applying to the school can arrange a visit to view the school. If you would like to do this, please contact the school office who will arrange a time for you to be shown around during the normal school day.

Children become eligible for Nursery the term after their third birthday if there are spaces available. Places in Nursery are allocated using the same admissions priority as school. Where there are fewer applicants than places available all children will be offered a place.  Where there are more applicants the following criteria applies.

1.    Looked after or previously looked after children.

2.    Medical or social circumstances

3.    Children with siblings already attending at the time of admission.

4.    Religious reasons

5.    Children who live closest to the school.

Applications for nursery are available from the school office.  Full details of these admission criteria can be found in our admission policy below.

The deadline for applications for Nursery for September 2020 is 1st March 2020.  Allocation of a place in Nursery does not automatically guarantee a full-time place in school.

Please click here to view our admission arrangements for 2020-21 in PDF format.

Please click here to view our Admissions Policy for 2021-22 in PDF format, noting that this includes a proposed variation approved by Trust Board October 2020 in relation to closure of places of worship due to Covid-19 (for those applying using the "faith" criteria.

For those applying using the faith criteria, please click here to view our Supplementary Information Form September 2021- 22 which must be completed by both the applicant and the relevant faith leader.

Please click here to view our Supplementary Information Form September 2020- 21

In-year transfer

For children moving to St Benedict’s at any point other than the start of reception you will need to complete an In Year Transfer Form. Our admissions are processed by Wolverhampton Admissions please visit their website to complete the form:


If you require any help with this the advice telephone number is 01902 551122.