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Key Stage Two

Moving into Year 3 is an important period of transition as the children progress from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. There is further emphasis on developing independence, both in terms of learning and in individual responsibility.

Throughout Key Stage 2 we maintain high expectations and foster a happy and caring learning environment, encouraging confidence, self-esteem and pride in the children's achievements. A variety of teaching methods is employed and the curriculum is tailored to individual needs enabling all children to achieve their potential.

Year 6 is a year of diverse experiences and challenges. It encompasses the challenges of SATs which the children always face confidently and with a mature manner. The children also have the opportunity to undertake a week's residential trip – a wonderful opportunity for personal development and the chance for greater independence. Year 6 can also be seen as a transitional year between primary and secondary school. Links with secondary schools are, therefore, particularly important.

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